Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our homestudy is done

We are done with our homestudy and now working on our dossier. This second adoption takes less time then the first one. I think we are more organized now and we know how important it is to finish everything fast after you start it. The first time we had to do our medical forms twice. Now we DON'T want to do it because our medical bill is twice as much! And we would like to travel some time in the summer: Anastasia will be off from school and our new daughter will start this year in American school. Anastasia is very excited about her new sister. She has been asking about adopting a baby-sister for her for the last year. When we told her about it, she started screaming and jumping around. And of course, she had a million questions: what is her name? is she from Balta? how old is she? will they live in the same room? will she go to the same school? will they wear the same clothes??????? A lot of those questions were answered,"we don't know" because we are going for an unknown girl 9-10 yo. But we trust that God will show us our child in His time - just like it happened with Anastasia. We found out about her one week before our travel to Ukraine and she fits in our family perfectly. She has come a long way and now she is almost like a normal American girl. I wonder if she will be happy having a sister after living with her for a year! Ha-ha!

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The McEacherns said...

Thanks for following and commenting on our blog! Glad the cake turned out yummy for you, too! We'll be praying for your second adoption!