Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are almost there

The last two weeks has been crazy. Now the time is flying too fast and I don't have enough time to finish everything before our trip. We are leaving on Sunday, August 29 and I haven't even started packing our suitcases yet.
We still talk to Flower on Skype every day. Couple weeks ago on the weekend Anastasia talked with her for two hours and they got along great! A few days ago we got two beds for them and some other furniture. Anastasia's favorite color is blue, Flower's - green. We got blue-green reversible blankets and blue and green bedsheets. Anastasia loved it! She said they will have parties in their bedroom when we are asleep. Flower liked that idea! I just pray that they will become good for each other and grow together becoming close loving sisters.
Flower still doesn't know that we are coming next week. We are not supposed to tell her. She is getting impatient: all she talks about is the day when we come to get her. I feel she is getting more comfortable with us. I don't think she will have any problems to give and receive love. She told us when we come she will hug us so hard and never let us go. She writes a lot of messages on Skype like "I love you", "I love all of you", 'I very love you". She is hungry for being a part of the family, for being loved and hugged by Mommy and Daddy! One time I asked her what day it was. She told me the date. I said, "No. Do you know what happens today?" She said no. I said, "Today is one day closer to the date when we come to get you. Tomorrow will be one more day closer to that date." Well, right now it is very close to the date when we see her in person for the first time and give her a BIG hug. It is closer to the date when she will have a family she can love. And it is closer to the date when this girl will be orphan no more.
We want to thank those who donated for our adoption! We are almost there financially and trust God that He will take care of the rest.


ourgirlsstory said...

WootWoot. She will be sso blessed to have you both as parents and a great sister to welcome her home. If thee is anything i can do to help let me know. Love and praying for y'all.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That's wonderful that you have such great contact with Flower! Soon enough she will be in for the surprise of a lifetime!

Matthew Nasekos said...

So excited for you! You are in our prayers.