Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are going to Ukraine!

It was two weeks on August 11 since our dossier was submitted. We were patient and decided not to bother anybody in Ukraine with questions about our appointment. On Saturday, August 14 we talked on Skype with our facilitator in Ukraine. I just asked if maybe, only MAYBE he had any news for us. He said he sent an email to us the day before. When we read it I started to scream and howl: we have our appointment! Well, it is not completely ready but on Monday we are supposed to know the date! We think it will be the last days of August or the first week of September. It was wonderful news! We can't tell Flower about it for some reasons so we will be a big surprise when we show up at her orphanage. She wants so bad for us to come and get her now and be a part of our family! We can see it in her eyes. Later we talked with her on Skype for a little but then we had to go paint the girls bedroom. Anastasia asked if she could talk to Flower. Well, they talked for TWO HOURS! It was after midnight in Ukraine when Flower decided to go to bed. I think they will be good sisters to each other.
Today in Sunday school, our friend asked the class to pray for us and the rest of finances for our adoption to come. God moved peoples hearts and today we got $1,205!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! We are so humbled! Last week the same friend (who just adopted two girls themselves) gave me a check. She is so kind! A few more people gave us money for our adoption which we are so grateful for. It gets us closer to our goal and we are trusting the Lord to provide the rest of the funds.

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