Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great news

Today, July 28, our dossier was submitted! I remember the first time it took about two months to get an appointment and it took another two months until the day we traveled. I think this time everything will happen a lot faster. I feel a little panic: so many things to do in such a short period of time. Firs of all we need to take care of our daughter. She will stay most of the time with our friends that have two Ukranian daughters, also. Bob's parents and aunt will take her sometimes. We have to do some paperwork at school. Then we have a dog that needs to go somewhere. Oh, the big thing: the girl's bedroom isn't ready. We moved to this house last September. The room for the girls needs to be painted. Anastasia was sleeping in the guest room on the queen size bed. But before we can paint the bedroom we need to take all the stuff out (we used it like a storage). Every weekend I tell myself,"I will do it today", but there is always something else comes up. I just HAVE to do it this weekend!
I call Flower every other day. She is ready to come home with us! Every time we talk she says she misses me. When I tell her something about our life she says, "I will do this, also", "I will be there one day, too," "I will help you, also". She already sees herself living here. Sometimes I imagine how we will meet the first time. I will have a big smile ( Flower just learned these words ) and give her a big hug. Oh, I can't wait! But I know, one day you will be here, Flower!

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ourgirlsstory said...

Tell me when you have the room empty and I will come and paint. I love to paint and right now I don't need to paint anywhere in my house. I love the blog and thanks for sharing with us. Love ya