Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

We couldn't send our dossier to Ukraine because we didn't have a specific child in mind and we didn't feel comfortable to go to the SDA (Department of Adoption in Ukraine) and pick any child they offer. We looked and looked. We asked some people and we waited. Well, we met our future daughter!!! We found her!!! We can't say her name right now, so we will call her 'Flower'. Flower is 10 y o. She seems nice, smart, balanced and pretty. We talked through Skype every morning this week and it was a wonderful experience. It was so great to see how her heart was opening towards us. By the end of the week she asked us when we were coming for her. She said she couldn't wait to see us and call me "mama". It melted my heart. I told her if we could we would get on the plane right now. I asked her if she wanted to be adopted and be a part of our family. And she said "yes"! I was so excited this week! I had a smile on my face all day long after talking with her. Anastasia and I made a bracelet from beads for her and Flower drew a picture for us, but we haven't seen it because she said we will have to come to Ukarine to see it ... smart too. She already knows the English alphabet and some words and she can write and read a little in English. She typed "I love you" and "I miss you" in English on Skype message. I cant' wait to hug her!!! We are going to send our dossier to Ukraine Monday or Tuesday. Then we will wait for our appointment date.
Well, everything looks good but in reality it is not. We are having some financial problems. We have the money for our adoption but there are some unexpected expenses and we are short of $6,000. We are still continuing the process and believe that God will provide somehow. In the meantime we are going to start packing our suitcases. We hope to go to Ukraine at the end of August or the beginning of September. It is a time of the year when it starts getting cool. So we will need some warm clothes. When we went to Ukraine the first time I made a list of necessary things to take with us. I think I threw it away. Too bad... I have to make another list. Oh, I love to do all this because it takes us closer to the date when we go to Ukraine to get our daughter! There will be one less orphan in the world. One child at a time... Yes!

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