Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Okay, I am NOT a writer. It's been about a month since my last post. I am more of a reader. I LOVE to read... whatever. But I never loved to write. I will never write a book, unless my life depends on it. I guess I will have to write the blog to keep our family and friends posted, especially since I already started this and I don't like to give up.
We have our dossier ready. We have our official approval. We are approved to adopt 2 girls from 9 to 13 y o. But we still don't know if we are going to adopt one or two girls. We are praying about it very hard because we need to make a decision now.
Since my last post we had two families from our church adopting children from Ukraine. One family adopted a 9 yo (already 10 yo) and a 12 yo girls-sisters. Another family adopted a 14 yo girl. Now we have 6 kids adopted from Ukraines in our church! It is so exiting! The same children that were burdens for somebody in Ukraine, are blessings for families now. I wish there were more families wiling to adopt. All those kids want to have a mommy and a daddy. When we were in Ukraine the first time we could freely walk in the orphanage and interact with children. And we spent some time playing with children in Anastasia's room. A lot of girls hugged me and called me "mama". I was in shock. My hair on the back of my head was moving. And my thought was, "How can I leave them here?" I still remember their eyes looking at me with THE question: "Will you take me?" Some of them had living parents and could go home during the school breaks sometime. It is heartbreaking. We told Anastasia: whatever happens in life, we will ALWAYS love her and NEVER leave her. And we are going to keep our word!

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