Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Bump in the Road

This whole week we didn't do much: we were getting up late, ate brunch, did some grocery shopping and went to the orphanage or to school to pick up Flower. We were spending our evenings with her at the orphanage or at the park. One evening we were at the orphanage and Flower's mother came. She didn't see us. Flower went to talk to her but she realy didn't want to. It looked like mother started accepting the fact that Flower will be adopted and will leave Ukraine. Next evening she brought Flower her book. We haven't heard from her again.

Another evening we met Flower's older brother and his wife. He is the only descent person in the family who works hard and doesn't drink. He understands that it is better for Flower to be in our family. We talked for about an hour and exchanged our addresses and phone numbers.

We even got to go to a parents-teacher conference. In Ukraine a teacher meets with all the parents at the same time. We stayed a little late and asked her some questions about Flower. The teacher told us only good things and nothing bad. It sounds too good to be true!

This weekend local people celebrate the city's birthday. There are all kinds of stuff going on everywhere. On Friday in the park we were watching the national children's concert-competition. The children were dancing, singing and playing on musical instruments. The youngest were probably 5-6yoyoung adults. up to Some groups were very good. We enjoied watching them very much.

Ok, now about the "BUMP". We thought we would have our court on this comming Monday. No, it's not going to happen. We are missing my Interpol clearance. Without it we can't have the court. We were realy bummed out when we first heard about it. Now we are better: it will happen some day anyway. We love Flower very much and she loves us too. I think we will know some details on Monday. We believe nothing is too big for God. He can move people in Interpol, too. We pray that He will work things out. We can't wait to call Flower "our daughter" (& tell you her real name) and she can't wait to have a forever family. It will happen. It is getting closer to the day when this girl will be an orphan no more.

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ourgirlsstory said...

OK just remember if we had court on the Mon when we were to be there we could have had a big problem. The DA lady could have said she wanted grandma to come to court and caused all kinds of problems for us. But GOD made us wait until Wed and with the delay the director found the letter from the girls dad saying he did not want the girls to go to any one in the family. He wanted them adopted by a another famliy. So the DA had nothing to stop us. You may not ever know why God held you up just rest in the knowledge HE is got it all under control. Every thing here is fine. We went to the house and changed lights around and flushed the toilets. The were some vistors in them but not now. hehehe love and miss you.