Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing exciting going on

On Monday I didn't feel any better and decided to go find a doctor. We found a big clinic about 5 minutes away from us. I got a FREE doctor's visit! The doctor even offered to look at Bob but he said he felt fine. I have a virus infection that can lead to pneumonia. The doctor gave me a list with 4 different medicines and it took us 4 drugstores to buy all of them. The rest of the day we spent at home. Well, not exactly: we had to go to buy food at the store that is 30 seconds away from our house. We didn't go to see Flower because I didn't want to make anybody sick. I called her and we talked for a few minutes.

Tuesday was like Monday. The only exciting thing was using the Ukranian washing machine. I feel almost normal today. Bob is going crazy sitting around the house with me all day long. Our facilitator was busy working on our problems. We hope we will hear some good news tomorrow and can continue the process. It is getting closer to the day when this girl will be an orphan no more.

PS - Here's a pic of me in the first apt I wrote about yesterday and us in the orphanage cafeteria that Flower took.

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Ashley said...

We think about you all the time and are constantly praying for you. I love getting the updates. :) I am going to email you a form you can give to Oles. This way, he can use it for future families. It is a "names usage" form and we always include it in our dossiers. It just lists all names of us. Even though we have our names the same throughout the dossier, my name is still different on our marriage license (my maiden name is listed there). We still use this form and put on it any way our name could go. We get it notarized and apostilled and it is just part of our dossier. This would be great for Oles to use for his next clients so they don't get in a similar jam. It is rare that it happens, but it wouldn't hurt to have all clients that go through him use it. :)