Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It is Happening!

We had our appointment today at 9AM. It was great. The lady at SDA showd us Flower's pictures and told us some facts about her. Everything took no more than 10 minutes. Our facilitator told us before the appointment that we will be able to get the permission (to go to see Flower) only tomorrow. Guess what? The lady told us we can get it today!!! It means we will see our Flower tomorrow, we will do our paperwork tomorrow and the local adoption department will look at our case on Friday (they meet only on Fridays!). The fact that we got our permission today is a miracle and the answer to our prayers. We know that our friends in the US got up at night and prayed for us. We love you, guys!

So, we are packing and leaving in an hour to go to the train station. It is getting closer to the day when this girl will be an orphan no more!

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ourgirlsstory said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! God was in the room. Last night at dinner I prayed GOD would give you a blessing today and let you get your paperwork, so you could go see Flower early. Tim looked at me like I was nuts. They don't just give paperwork early Lynn. Well Guess what if God wants them to they will. Just like you don't do Medicals and Visa's all in 1 day. When God is in it you do. I was up and praying a blessing about 1 :10 this morning I finished with when I get home this afternoon GOD it would be nice to see that you got the paperwork. YEAH GO GOD!!! Now for tomorrow and Friday. They will review everything and not make you wait 10 days and you can come home early.