Sunday, September 26, 2010

Patience - One of the Fruits of the Spirit

We didn't do much and nothing important happened this week. We would get up late, eat brunch, take a nap and go to Flower's school to pick her up from the afterschoolcare. The teacher got used to see us and she even doesn't let Flower go earlier waiting for us (the kids can leave early if they are done with their homework).

On Tuesday about 3PM, the city's main water line broke which cut off water to 3 cities for and estimated 3 - 4 days. We were at the orphanage when we heard about it. On the way home we stoped at a couple of grocery stores and they already didn't have running water. We tried to imagine how people would make it without water for 3-4 days. What about schools, kindergardens, hospitals, the orphanage? When we got home we still had running water. Thank You, God! The water stoped only in the morning. I think it was the most laughing day in the whole adoption trip! It looked just redicilous to us: with all the problems we have had and are having we have to get in the survival mode now. But we have each other, we have our God and we are staying in a house (instead of appartment) with a small yard(we might need it just in case.....)! It was qite a surprise when the water came back that night. I guess the break wasn't as bad as they expected.

This weekend we had Flower with us again. We spent some time in down town and bought some books in Russian for the girls. We walked around and took pictures. Flower is happy to spend time with us and hopes IT will happen this week. She still calls me "Sveta" but she is so ready to call me "mama". We found out she saved my phone number on her cell phone from the time when I called her from the USA and she entered me as "mama". That is so sweet! We pray that this comming week we will have our court and we can take Flower home. We hope it will be this week. We hope this week this girl will be an orphan no more.

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